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Music Waves (France):

"The last groups Australia has given us have often referenced ACDC, Rose Tattoo, The Angels and more recently Airbourne. Will it now be the home of an explosion of equally talented prog bands? ...a few promising new acts from the island continent have arrived, such as Coq, The Third Ending, Unitopia, Cosmic Nomads, and now Ennis Tola.

there’s nothing wrong with the level of mastery of the musicians, each more pro than the other... all the ingredients are there to make this debut album a success..." (7/10)

The Mag (UK):

"What would you get if you crossed Scott Walker, Elbow, Muse and Evanescence, then threw in some World Music? The answer, as you will have guessed you astute readers, is the wonderfully musical Ennïs Tóla.

The fluted and booted 'Lucifer's Dance' takes us around the world in under 80 seconds with spicy guitars and big voice to weave a classy verse. The chorus has some western rock guitars at its disposal, but doesn't discard the high-brow with flickers of the instruments that dominated the verse. This is one of the most well-rounded songs I have ever heard..." (5/5)

Music Vice (AUSTRALIA)

"...fuck me if they ain’t a great-sounding band just the same, both on record and, I can now safely attest, in the live arena. The inclusion of a band member who plays more “exotic”/non-”rock” instruments such as flute and koto (look it up) does no harm whatsoever in this regard, but in all fairness this is a band full of very accomplished musicians..."

Faster Louder (AUSTRALIA):

"These guys seem masters of their craft, bringing the volume, melody and an instrumental ease... Ennis Tola consist of an array of diverse sounds that complement and diverge from conventions that are heard all too frequently. From saxophone to Japanese koto, Karen Heath shines with her eclectic use of instruments, alternating to a flute which lightly accentuates an already thriving set, while Fitzgerald continually mesmerizes with wonderful vocals. Their guitarist Ryan McRobb likes a dance around, clearly enjoying the music they bring and by this time the sound has heightened and with great chemistry and cohesion, they triumph..."


released March 20, 2010

Ennis Tola Personnel:

Tomas Fitzgerald - Vocals, Guitar; Karen Heath - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Alto Flute, Keys, Japanese Koto; Chris Hitch - Bass Guitar; Thom Mann - Drums; Ryan McRobb - Electric Guitar.

Guest Musicians:

Richard Heath - Backing Vocals Russian Orthodox Style (Track 7); Amarina Waters - Backing Vocals (Track 3); Luke Richardson - Double Bass (Tracks 7 and 10); George Karas - Percussion (Tracks 7 and 10)



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Ennis Tola Australia

From Melbourne, ENNIS TOLA first drew attention with their debut album "Seed" with stellar reviews from all over, including Classic Rock Presents Prog (UK) and Progression Magazine (US). Their forthcoming 2nd album has been recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, and Anon Islet Studios in Melbourne, with tracks produced by Forrester Savell (Cog, Karnivool) and Daniel Rejmer (Bjork, The Kills). ... more

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